Langue Kirill Prihidni

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Langue Ryan Greenspan

My name is Ryan Greenspan and I have played professional paintball on team San Diego Dynasty forever a decade. I have traveled the world teaching paintball seminars and training teams. I am here to help paintball grow as a sport and with over 75 professional wins I have plenty of paintball knowledge to share with you!

Langue Patrick Wrobel

Name : Patrick Wrobel
Alter : 29 Jahre
Wohnort : Butzbach (Hessen)
Universität : Köln
Andere Sportarten : Ski, Fitness, Kampfsport.
Paintball Team : Franfurt Syndicate

Offizielle Facebook - Sportler PAGE:

Langue Loïc Voulot

Nom : Loic Voulot
Age : 31 ans
Ville de naissance : Chambery
Université : Staps Besançon
Autres sports pratiqués : Ski, surf, badminton, football.
Equipe actuelle : TonTons

Langue Jason Wheeler

Name: Jason Wheeler
Age: 25
Location: London, England
Pro Experience: 8 Years

Langue Axel Gaudin

Nom : Axel Gaudin
Age : 20ans
Ecole : EMLV Léonard de Vinci - Sportif de Haut Niveau
Expérience en Pro : 5ans
Equipe actuelle : TonTons
Sport pratiqués : Rink-hockey, Motocross, Football, Roller

Langue Moana Moo Caille

Langue JB Peytavit

J'ai toujours pratiqué le sport de manière intensive depuis mon plus jeune âge. Monter sur son vélo ne suffit pas, c'est pourquoi j'accorde une place trés importante à la préparation physique et à la prévention des blessures.

Langue Christophe DAMIEN

Préparateur physique de sportifs professionnels.
Ancien sauteur en hauteur en équipe de France (2m28)
Formateur à l'Académie Basque de Sport
Gérant de ProsportConcept

Upgrade your skills.

We assume that each of us has a talent, and there are methods to exploit the maximum ourselves in a minimum time.
K Project was born from this idea. Every sport, every coach, every training has been selected in accordance with this concept. Our best advertising is you. To see you climbing the steps to the podium, crossing a finish line or accomplishing yourself in your fields is our success.

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Why to be a Projet K member?

Discover all the advantages of professional monitoring :

Upgrade your skill

As a novice, a competitor, alone or with your team, your club, it s pretty important to have a pro-player to help you to progress, perform and be a better player.

Fill of the objectives only create for you.

Every member has a private area to chat, share and prepare his own practice with his coach ! This is the place to upgrate your skill !

Use a personalized follow-up.

Only you and your coach can access to your member area. Don't be afraid anymore by the other players glance !

Progress thanks to professionals.

Each coach of the Project K is a professional sportsman experienced, pedagogue and recognized who will make you profit from his method to progress.

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